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Jason's Story

Jason Barrell is your everyday, ordinary New Zealander. All be it, a New Zealander who has experienced more than his fair share of life challenges.

Jason's childhood and education was marred by being dyslexic. He failed abysmally at school and left at 15 without any academic qualifications. Later, after being diagnosed with dyslexia, Jason could receive the support he needed to pass exams and gain qualifications that he once thought far beyond his capabilities. Ten years later Jason went on to prove that he was indeed no fool!

Being a high school dropout became inconsequential when Jason was selected to play professional rugby. Making both NPC and Super 12 teams. His professional career took off in leaps and bounds playing rugby for the Chiefs and the Blues. It was during a scrum in his first Blues game that Jason felt a crunch in his neck. Whilst he played on not realising this was a broken neck, it tragically proved to be a career ending injury. Putting an abrupt end to his budding dreams and aspirations!

With rugby no longer an option, Jason looked at other career possibilities and the thought of becoming a police officer excited him. Passing the police exam was a momentous achievement, it was the first time Jason had passed anything in his life!

Throughout his training in police college Jason began experiencing "weird sensations". Unbeknown to him he had a brain stem haemangioma which was bleeding and causing him to have strokes. Jason persevered with his symptoms during his first year as a policeman until eventually he became too unwell to continue. Initially the prognosis was grim and Jason was told he had a death sentence. Ironically, Jason got lucky and found a surgeon willing to undertake the risky lifesaving surgery. Recovering from brain surgery was no walk in the park! The rehabilitation was long and arduous and for Jason to make progress he had to dig very deep. Not only did he have to come to terms with his facial disfigurement but also the awful side effects of having brain surgery like having to learn how to walk and perform the basics of daily living.

Becoming a motivational speaker was never something the "old" Jason would have done. He wasn't an extrovert. The thought of standing up speaking to strangers scared him to death. It was through the positive responses Jason received from sharing his story that gave him the self-belief to become a successful inspirational speaker.

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THE amazing story of an extraordinary man!!!​

One of the major factors facing businesses today is change. On the whole, people are creatures of habit. When faced with change, in particular forced change, people tend to resist.  Finding anyway to keep the status quo! However, change is inevitable and we all, at some point of our lives experience loss of loved ones, relationship failure, employment changes, health challenges, etc. Life is a roller coaster and we will all be thrown curve balls!

Jason believes it is how we view the world and our attitude to life that determines how successful an individual we can become. He attributes his resilience and success to his acceptance to change, gratitude for life, switching negatives into positives, and getting out of his comfort zone. He often says, "if you don't evolve, you dissolve" and strongly believes "if you always do what you always did, you will always be what you always were!"

Jason hopes to inspire others to dream big, believe in yourself to achieve your goals. His next challenge, setting up a fishing charter and accommodation business is a testament that with determination and "Reel attitude" you can achieve anything!

One of the major factors facing businesses today is change.


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